April 23, 2010

Pushing our kids too much?

Why do we push kids to be mini athletes? It's a fact that less than 1% of all high school athletes will be professional athletes one day. And we all know that many of the little 5 year olds playing sports will not even play high school sports. So why do we push out little ones to play so perfectly??

Our 5 year old is playing t-ball in for our local little league this year. At a recent game a father repeatedly yelled directions at his young son. Every time the boy was in the field we would hear "Jacob stand up! Jacob look at the ball! Jacob pay attention!" And on and on. When he was up to bat the father was yelling over the fence how to stand. Now I'm not saying that a parent should never give directions, I yell directions occasionally. But this was excessive. Every few seconds this father way yelling.

I can't help but wonder what will happen to the self-esteem of children treated like this as they grow. How will a child like this boy handle failure? He is going to have such big shoes to fill. What if he just simply can't do it?

It's a fact that kids want to please their parents. Even though they won't say it and some times it won't seem as though they want to please their parents, in their hearts they do. As parents we need to teach our children to do their best. Don't set expectations too high. Allow room for failure and teach them how to cope with failure.

Teach your children that it's ok to miss the ball. It's ok to strike out. Even if there are 2 outs and the bases are loaded. It's ok to strike out. It's ok. What's important is that they try their best. It's important that they get up the next inning and try again.

Foster resilience, push for growth and allow for failure. Don't strive for perfection, they will only let you down if do.

April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Our Soldiers

Because there's so much more to our soldiers than mysterious uniforms and big guns.

Support Our Troops! If we don't, who will?

For more amazing Army photos and details of the pictures posted here check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter/

April 09, 2010

There Should be a Warning Label!!

There should be a warning label on Bath and Body Work's Stress Relief lotion. What would such a warning label say???

"WARNING - This product will not always provide stress relief. In fact, at times it may cause a rapid increase in stress."

Why would you need such a warning?

Because while you're getting ready, your 5 year old will take the bottle and empty it into your 3 year old's hair. The two of them will then begin to rub the lotion all over the 3 year old's head and arms. By the time you peak your head out of the bathroom to check on them, approximately 2 minutes later, said 3 year old will be such a mess you will have stop what you're doing and go give him another bath.

And if you're really lucky, while you're bathing the 3 year old, your hair (which you were in the middle of blow drying) will become frizzy and you'll have to double the amount of time you spent fixing it. At the same time your 5 year old will go down to the kitchen and spill a bowl of cereal and your 1 year old will attempt to help you give the 3 year old a bath and will get so wet, he'll require a new outfit.

Morale of the story? Keep your stress relieving lotion up out of reach of your little ones.