March 31, 2009

I do NOT want to be induced!!!

I went into the doctors this morning for a routine ob check up and ended up with a lot more than I had expected! To start, my blood pressure was up. I wasn't anxious and hadn't rushed around that morning, so it didn't make much sense as to why it was up. Well, I did gain 5 lbs this week.... which my midwife said was all fluid. Though it sucks, I am so relieved at the same time because I have never been so swollen in my life! At least now I know it's temporary! On top of this I'm dilated to 3cm. Which could mean nothing, but considering that it's my 3rd and how quickly I had Jellybean, it is a little nerve racking.

Anyway... long story short, they wanted to induce me tomorrow, but I really don't want to be induced. I don't want to pick my baby's birthday, and I don't want to spoil the only surprise I have left! So they did some blood work, took my blood pressure 3 more times and did a sonogram. At the end of it all I think they still wanted to induce me, but there was no problem with the baby, and no huge issues with me yet. So they let me go home. I'm a little torn between what to do now. I really don't want to be induced, but I am so ready to meet this little guy.

But until he comes, here are some awesome sonogram pics that they were able to get today... at 39weeks 3days!! The top one is a picture of him with his toe in his eye! :) And the other is just a great face shot!!! I thought these were so cool!!

March 29, 2009

A Beautiful Baby Shower

I went to another amazing baby shower this weekend for a great friend, Sarah, one of my sorority sisters from college (and sophmore year housemate!). As you all know, I LOVE baby showers! But this one took the cake! It was by far the fanciest and more upscale baby shower I've ever been to. It reminded me of something you'd see pictures of in Martha Stewart.

It was very laid back and everyone was sitting around all dressed up and drinking wine. (Thank goodness the one thing that still fits me well is my one decent dressy outfit!!!) They had a huge table set up will all these little appetizers, a shrimp cocktail, and fruit and cheese. I was quite please.... but even more pleased when they said there was lunch... complete with crab quiche that was to die for!! I mean come on now, who am I, at almost 9 months pregnant to pass up lots of yummy food that I could never make! :)

After we were all stuffed (at least I was anyway), we played a few games. The funniest was watching some of my prissy sorority sisters who aren't married and have no kids try to guess which candy bar was melted inside of a diaper. You had to be there... trust me, it was funny!

Then I got to sit there and watch her open all of her amazingly cute girly gifts. I have to admit... I was a little, ok, a lot, jealous. Shhh... don't tell my hubby I still want a little girl one day!! I made her a bouquet filled with baby items (onesies, socks, washclothes, etc.) I am very proud... so of course I had to add a picture of it!!

And here's a picture of me (at 39 weeks) and Sarah (at about 35 weeks). I look so terrible in this picture! LOL!

And to top it all off.... I even got some cute little cakes to take home. Which where very yummy!

I am so looking forward to another baby shower! Now I just need to wait for another friend to get pregnant.......

March 27, 2009

Little Man Started T-Ball!!

I still remember being pregnant with my little man almost 5 years ago and everyone telling me how quickly they grow up. I know that one I'd agree, but I never thought it'd hit me so hard. But this week my little man started his first t-ball season!! I have been looking forward to this for so long! I so badly wanted to be one of "those moms" who drove their kids all over for different activities. I know, I don't know what I was thinking. But watching him play ball with the other kids his age really hit me as to how fast he has grown... which is amazing and heart breaking at the same time.

I did have to laugh to myself when we first showed up for practice. Little man was the only kid on his team in full baseball gear. All the other kids were wearing sweatpants and old sneakers.... which is what I had planned to put him in. However, my MIL had gone out and gotten him a complete baseball uniform... and he looked so grown up!!! Here's a few pics of him playing!

March 25, 2009

Win a SAKS bag stuffed with Books!

Avon books (a division of Harper Collins Publishers) has partnered with thesak and is giving away a Cambria Medium Round Tote bag stuffed with contemporary women's fiction books from Harper Collins Publishers. The bag is adorable in bright colors, perfect for the Spring! And to make it even better, they're filling it with some great books! Check out thesak's website to enter to win!!

March 24, 2009

I am so ready for baby!!

I am now 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. (That picture was taken late last night.) And I feel like a stuffed turkey with sausages for feet. Seriously! My husband actually told me to rest and prop my feet up yesterday.... which he NEVER does! I was shocked, but took full advantage of the opportunity to sit and watch mindless television for an hour without moving at all. Boy was it wonderful! Maybe my feet should have swollen earlier in my pregnancy.... Ok, maybe not, but it was still great. But now I'm really ready for this baby to get here and grace us with his presence.

And to make matters even harder, my best friend just had her baby girl over the weekend. She's beautiful! But after visiting them in the hospital I'm doubly anxious and excited for this baby. Though I wasn't nervous about labor at all before this weekend.... I am starting to feel a little nervous now. And I'm blaming my nerves on my friend, who called me from the hospital, while she was in labor... having contractions every 2 minutes! Ok, now who does that?! Though I do wish it would've been me. So please, cross your fingers and pray for me that I have a quick delivery... and soon!! I'm so tired of craving every food that isn't in my house (of course), and feeling like you could pop me with a needle!

And the Winner is...

The other week I participated in my first giveaway in conjunction with SITS Spring Fling. (Which was a blast, even though I didn't win anything!) But the winner of my gift basket was Lauren from the blog LAURENSPIRED. I was really excited to do my first giveaway, and come to find out, this was the first giveaway that Lauren had ever won. How fun! I hope she likes it!! And I hope that I'll be able to do some more fun giveaways soon!!!

March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

It's Friday the 13th! Does that mean that it's not safe to go outside today? Or that I shouldn't fly on a plane? I don't think so... but plenty of people do. Apparently the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th have become very common during the last 100 years.

So why is Friday the 13th so unlucky? Well, for starters, 12 is the number of perfection: there are 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock, 12 Apostles of Jesus, etc. Therefore, 13 is said to be an irregular number and is unlucky. Further, Friday is said to be unlucky day. Jesus was crucified on a Friday and there were stock market crashes on Fridays during the 1800s.

How do these superstitions affect us? According to the Stress Management and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina 17-21 million people in the US are affected by a fear of Friday the 13th. Some are so affected that the will divert from their daily routines, stay off the roads, cancel flights, etc, just in fear of this day. (BTW- Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the term for a fear of Friday the 13th.)

Friday the 13th occurs at least once every calendar year, and can occur up to 3 times a year... this year we will have 3 Friday the 13ths- February, March and November. The next year in which 3 Friday the 13ths will occur? 2012!

Personally, I think it's just another day. Though I have to admit the social stigma surrounding the day can be quite a downer! Actually a friend of mine was possibly going to be induced today.... we joked last week about how horrible of a birthday that would be! :)

I Need Chocolate!

Why do pregnant women always have cravings? I have always had the weirdest cravings with my pregnancies. With my first I ate ice cream and stove top stuffing almost every night. No, not together, but one right after the other! No wonder I gained almost 100 lbs.! With my second, I was hooked on ice cream again, but this time I wanted cheese balls too! And regular cheese just wouldn't cut it... it had to be one of the soft balls of cheese with the nuts all around it. And now, all I can think about is chocolate!

I realized how bad it was getting the other day when I lied to husband.... We were organizing our bedroom and I had hidden a bag of peanut butter cups in a gift bag with some other baby gifts I was starting to get together for a pregnant friend. I didn't think he'd ever look in a baby gift bag! I was wrong! He found them and asked me why I had them in a gift bag. I spent the next 10 minutes attempting to convince him that he was seeing things and that there weren't any peanut butter cups in the whole house. :) Needless to say he dropped it, and hasn't touched them....he's probably afraid he'd lose a finger! Poor guy....

March 10, 2009

SITS Spring Fling is Today!! Here's my 1st Giveaway!!

The fabulous ladies from SITS are throwing their Spring Fling today!!! If you've never checked them out, you need too! They're great! And today they're giving away hourly prizes and other SITS readers are giving away lots of fun prizes too...including me! (As of 3:30pm, there were over 300 giveaways listed!!) To help celebrate, and get my new blog going I'm going to be giving away a fun girly gift basket that is filled with a mini-pedicure set, a purple jade bangle bracelet and a tube of Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial hand lotion (I LOVE this stuff!!).

Open to US Residents Only, please. Contest ends Friday, March 13, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be notified via e-mail.

To enter to win just leave a comment here!

For an extra entry, help me get my blog going by becoming a follower!!

March 08, 2009

Jellybean's 2nd Birthday Party!

My little Jellybean is turning 2 tomorrow... sigh....

The time has gone by so quickly! I can't believe how much he's grown and learning in just two years. It's wonderful to watch them grow up, but a little sad at the same time.

To celebrate we had some close friend and family over yesterday for a small party. He had a fabulous time playing with the other kids and getting tons of attention! And I'm pretty sure that the cake and presents helped too! :)

Here's a few pictures from his party that I wanted to share!

March 06, 2009

Had my Screening Interview Today...

At the end of last year I put in an application for a School Counselor position in the county where I live. About a month ago I got an e-mail to set up a screening interview during a teacher recruitment fair...which was today. I have never seen anything like it! I guess it's pretty typical for teachers, but this was the first interview I've been on since I applied to be a cashier at Circuit City my sophomore year of undergrad!!

When I pulled up to the school there were cars parked all over the place and on the roads surrounding the school. When I got inside there were so many people! They had 30 tables set up and there were 2 interviewers at each 60 interviewers!! Of those 60, 3 of them were interviewing just for guidance counselors!! So they must have interviewed 20-30 people for the same position I applied for! Great!!

When I got up there, the lady who interviewed me only asked me 8 questions and wasn't allowed to look at my portfolio! Ugh! I know that this was just a way to weed out those that weren't qualified, but it's so frustrating!! I feel like I should have elaborated more on the questions I was asked or something. Oh well. I hope I get called back for a real interview now! :) Keeping my fingers crossed and praying!!

March 05, 2009

Some great contests going on now!

There are some amazing contests going on right now in other blogs. Here are two of my favorite's that I have entered and wanted to share!

What's That Smell? is giving away a WAT-AAH prize package which includes a case of WAT-AAH and other cool WAT-AAH prizes. Check out their blog and check out WAT-AAH's website too. WAT-AAH is sugar free water with extra's like calcium and electro-lytes that are essential for kids. And the best thing about WAT-AAH it's being kid tested, and kid approved as we speak!! The company is currently doing a WAT-AAH challenge...which my boys will be participating in so stay tuned!!

To celebrate her trip to NY to meet Dr. Reivich, the developer of Fishful Thinking, Tiffany at The R Family Diaries is giving away two $100 Target gift cards! Now, the gift cards are great.... but the reason behind them is even better!! Fishful Thinking is a program that is being sponsored by Peppridge Farm to develop resiliency and optimisim in children. I can't tell you how many children I worked with during my short time as a counseling intern who would have benefited from this program! I'm so excited to learn about all the amazing resources the program has for parents to help kids and can't wait to see what else comes out of this project! Be sure to check out both The R Family Diaries and the Fishful Thinking website!!