March 27, 2009

Little Man Started T-Ball!!

I still remember being pregnant with my little man almost 5 years ago and everyone telling me how quickly they grow up. I know that one I'd agree, but I never thought it'd hit me so hard. But this week my little man started his first t-ball season!! I have been looking forward to this for so long! I so badly wanted to be one of "those moms" who drove their kids all over for different activities. I know, I don't know what I was thinking. But watching him play ball with the other kids his age really hit me as to how fast he has grown... which is amazing and heart breaking at the same time.

I did have to laugh to myself when we first showed up for practice. Little man was the only kid on his team in full baseball gear. All the other kids were wearing sweatpants and old sneakers.... which is what I had planned to put him in. However, my MIL had gone out and gotten him a complete baseball uniform... and he looked so grown up!!! Here's a few pics of him playing!

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Barely Domestic Mama said...

That is too cute! I can't believe how quickly little man has grown since I've known him. Time really does fly!

I'm sure I will cry when Little Monkey is old enough to start participating in that kind of stuff.