July 05, 2010

Today's Life Lesson: Spontaneous Combustion

I never cease to amaze myself. Today, it was my stupidity.

See, the other night I went to one of my friends homes for a Mom's Night In. We all got together to watch a movie and chit chat, kid free. Everyone brought something to eat and I brought a bottle wine. Which, I will admit, was great!

The problem, however, started with the trip to the liquor store. I couldn't decide how much wine I should get. I wasn't exactly sure how many moms would be drinking. So I decided to get 2 large bottles. One was cold and I took it inside with me.

The other, was not cold and I decided to leave it in the car. My thought process was that I would have a second just in case, but if we didn't need it, I would just take it home with me and drink it another time. Genius! Everyone would be happy!

The problem continued when I forget to take the extra bottle out of the car that evening.

I left it in the trunk. All day. In 95 degree heat. Hmmmm......

The next day I popped the trunk open and was smacked in the face with the smell of wine. Apparently, if you leave a bottle of wine in a hot trunk long enough the cork will pop and wine will leak all over the place.

Thank goodness for spontaneous combustion!!!

wine bottle and glasses Pictures, Images and Photos

It's a shame that my bottle wasn't sitting upright and then tilted itself and poured the wine into glasses after the cork popped!!!

Well, we'll just chalk this one up to another lesson learned.

July 01, 2010

The Best Confirmation

As a mother one of my biggest fears is that my children won't know how much I really love them. I know that they know I care about them. They know I'll protect them and feed them. I'll nurture them and take them to the park. But do they know how much I really truly love them???

Earlier today I have my 3 year old a big hug and hold him, "I love you." Just as I do all the time. He usually looks at me and says, "I love you too." But he didn't today.

Instead, today, he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I know."

Those three simple words gave me confirmation that I must be doing something right. I hope my kids will always know that Mommy loves them!!!