September 22, 2009

What a Busy Weekend!

Saturday was a big day for our little family. Little Man celebrated his 5th birthday with a small birthday party and Bear got his first tooth!!! Of course Jellybean was floating around all over the house during this time... Unfortunately he did not hit any milestones this weekend. Poor guy.

I still can't believe that my oldest is 5 and in school already. It feels like just yesterday I was laying on the couch, 4 days over due, still waiting for him to make his arrival so that I could walk again. Celebrating a birthday is such a bittersweet occasion. It's exciting to see how big they've gotten and to stop and reflect on all I've accomplished as a mother in the last 5 years. But it's also sad when you look at how quickly the time has gone by.

(When it was time to cut the cake we all sang happy birthday to him, and then I yelled "Make a wish and blow out your candles!" He then proceeded to lean over his cake, close his eyes and loudly whisper, "I wish I had a race car!" and then blew out his candles. It really was too cute!!)

It's also bittersweet when your baby gets his first tooth. It's exciting because you know that soon he'll be able to eat real food and will no longer require spoon feeding, but it now hurts when he grabs your hand and starts to chew on your finger. I know it's just one little itty bitty tooth, but boy is it sharp!!


Monique - Resident Mommy said...

Sooooo cute. I love baby teeth, though I fear what that will mean for breastfeeding.

Adult teeth on the other hand. . . gross! -This is why I'm not a dentist.

DG said...

your children are so adorable...and yeahy for first babytooth!