November 15, 2008

Baby #3!

We found out on Wednesday, November 12th that our 3rd (and last) baby will be another boy!

The baby is doing great and everything looked perfect in the sonogram. Little Man still wants a baby sister, but has decided that a brother is ok, too......just as long as we don't send Jellybean back!! :) Little Man also wants to name this baby Robin Hood. I personally like Noah Tyler much better!

We are still due on April 4, 2009 so I have quite a ways to go yet. I am so thankful that the baby is healthy, a little disappointed that I'll never get a baby girl, but I know I'm blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy babies no matter what their gender is! The baby was very active during the sonogram, which makes me a little nervous about how hyper this one is going to be! He kept putting his head back, as if to say "What is going on out there?!" And at one point he was putting his hand up like he was waving. Another time he had his hands up like he was trying to plug his ears!!

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