January 30, 2009

Why do kids throw everything in the trash?

Seriously, why do kids throw everything in the trash when they're little? I remember my mother telling me about how bowls and cups would disappear and she'd find them in the top of the trash....if at all! And I always laughed, but both of my boys throw things away too!! I remember my first big wake up call to start checking the trash cans came about 2 years ago. I was pregnant with my second and getting the house ready. My then 2 1/2 year old was helping me sort through his shoes. I came to a random shoe that didn't fit him anymore and sat it to the side. He asked me why that shoe wasn't going back in the box and I told him that it was because that was old shoe and he couldn't wear it anymore. Well, wouldn't you know, he picked that shoe up and walked straight to the kitchen trash can and dropped it in!! I went and retrieved it and explained that we were keeping the shoe for the next baby....as if he cared! This shoe incident has been followed by numerous bowls, utensils, cups, toys and other non-trash items. Of course in recent months my second, who's almost 2, has followed in his big brothers foot steps, throwing away all sorts of items! Today...two cups, his cup and his brother's cup, both at the same time! So if you're ever missing something and have small children.....check your trash can!

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