February 02, 2009

My Much Needed Nap!

Well last week I caught the bug.... I was sick as a dog all day and didn't feel right for about 2 days after that. I was just drained! But the second day of it all I was actually able to get both of my boys to nap...at the SAME time!!! I still can't believe it! My 4 y/o was a little fussy, so I asked him if he wanted me to lay down in bed with him for a little bit, "just to rest"....and he agreed. Hmmm...ok. I'll take that. Then I got my 22 month old to come and lay down with us. Sweet! Before I knew it the big guy was snoring so loud he could have woken the dead! And about 5 minutes later the little one was sound asleep as well. So, naturally I attempted to make myself comfortable....laying on my side and being very careful not to lean back at all so I didn't smash my 4 y/o and trying to hold onto the little one so my big pregnant belly didn't knock him off the bed! BTW- we were all in a little twin bed, with several over sized stuffed animals! If anyone would have come over to visit at that time they would have gotten a good laugh! But oh well, I got a nap, for almost an entire hour that day! And all I've been able to think about since then is another nap!!!

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