February 15, 2009

Choosing a Name for the New Baby

Why is choosing a name for a new baby so easy for some, yet an overly daunting task for me?? My husband and I have always had a difficult time agreeing on boys names...and given that we have 2, and a 3rd on the way... naming our babies has set us into some heated debates.

My biggest issue...what to consider when choosing a name. With hundreds of articles about effects of names on a child and more than 60,000 names to choose from, just thinking about where to start is overwhelming. I always sit down with my baby name book and make a list of names that appeal to me, then I go back through and make sure none have horrible meanings. Then my husband will add his 2cents and somehow other family members, such as my parents and in-laws always get ahold of my list and let me know how much they hate all the names I've written down, except for one....which is always my least favorite.

So what is important in a name? Should it be Cool? Trendy? Classic? Common? Unique? Original? Easy to pronounce? Simple? Made up? One of a kind? Popular? Strong? Short? Long?

Should you tell your friends and family before the baby is born? Should you decide with 100% certainty before you meet the baby? What if you know someone with the name you like? Should you name the baby after a family member?

There's just too many questions!! In my opinion it boils down to one thing.... this is your baby, and your decision. While it's not something to take lightly, it's not something to dwell on endlessly either. I do think that a name can impact a child later in life. For example, if you name your son Sissy, or your daughter Butch, they might have some social problems in schools. But I don't think that a name is a pre-cursor to crime, as a recent study suggested. Pick a name that you're happy with and that you wouldn't mind going through life with....that's what we're doing!

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