February 07, 2009

Keeping Busy- My Key to Sanity

As I sit back to reflect on the week that has just flown by I realized that it was a great week...and pretty busy too. We had several playdates this week, including a mall walk on Monday, a playdate in my home on Thursday and a story time at the library today. I also had another OB appt. this week, fun fun! And yesterday the boys and I went to MOPS and then out to lunch with my best friend and her son. And Jake had soccer practice one night too! Geez! That was a lot. But we stayed so busy and my house hasn't been this clean in weeks! Not to mention that the boys have been going to bed by 8pm and sleeping in until around 8am!! Woohoo!

It can be so difficult to schedule so many events into one week, and just as difficult to motivate myself to get up and leave the house for the events! But I'm always so glad that I do. The boys really, truly enjoy themselves, and I do too. It's nice to have some adult conversation throughout the week instead of being cooped up in the house with just the kids. And I think the boys have really benefited from all the socialization that they're getting. They still have a ways to come with their manners and social skills, but I think every outing helps. I'm so glad that I've gotten into all of the activities that I have and I want to start taking the boys to church regularly too. I think that as a mother it's important to keep yourself and your kids involved with activities other than family events.

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