February 04, 2009

Two Ways to Earn FREE Pampers Diapers!

Over the last few weeks I've been shocked to learn how many moms to be and moms with little ones in diapers don't know about some of the easiest ways to earn free pampers diapers! I'm not talking about signing up on any of those bogus websites that you have do things for or by getting others to enroll on another site. There are 2 legitimate ways to earn pampers. Here's how:

1.) Sign up with pampers.com and enroll in their Gifts to Grow progam, it's completely free! Then save the little green stickers from inside pampers diapers, training pants, swim diapers and wipes and enter the codes on their website. For every 125 points you save up you can redeem them for a coupon for a FREE Jumbo package of Pampers diapers! It's that easy!! It's really easy to save up the points too, you can earn anywhere from 1-10 points per product. You can also redeem points for gift cards to places like Starbucks and Gap, as well as for Snapfish prints and photo gifts, and toys or books. Pampers also has a great online community with tons of helpful articles and advice!

2.) The second way to earn free Pampers is to sign up for a new rewards card with Toys R Us/ Babies R Us. This new rewards card allows you to earn "R Us Dollars" (or a $5 coupon for every $150 in qualifing purchases. But the best part.... for every 9 boxes of Pampers diapers you buy, you get the 10th box FREE!! You can't beat that! Especially if you use their coupons and manufacturers coupons as well!

Happy Diaper Shopping!! :)

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