April 19, 2009

Little Man's T-Ball Game!!

I finally got to go and see one of my Little Man's T-ball games yesterday! I was so excited!! We all had a blast. Unfortunately my husband was down the road training for his new job and wasn't able to make it, but lots of our family were there. My best friend, who's son plays on the same team, was also there with her little girl, who was born 2 weeks before Bear was. (Who by the way, is doing great! As of last Tuesday he was back to his birth weight- which was a 13 oz gain in one week!!)

Here's some pictures that I just had to share from yesterday!!!

This is Bear, with his girlfriend in the background!!!

And here is Little Man conversing with the other team.... he was playing second base. He would get the other kids so engaged in conversation that they wouldn't realize they were supposed to run and the coaches would have to come and move them along!

Here he is taking a good swing!!

Our team! The kids were all lined up waiting for their pictures to be taken.

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