February 01, 2010

My Utter Impulsivity

Last night my husband turned on the Pro Bowl and took his usual position on the couch. I walked into the room and asked him a question about the game, pointing at the TV. Now I didn't touch the TV, but I was very close to it, within an inch or so.

At this point my husband looks at me and yells: "Don't touch the TV!"

I replied: "I didn't touch the TV, but so what if I did. If I want to touch the TV, I will!"

I turned and started to walk back to the kitchen, but of course I just had to walk back in and say: "In fact, if I want to lick the TV, I will!!"

And I hate to admit it, but it took every bone in my body to NOT lick the TV!!

Ugh! My husband really brings out the best in me!!


Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my gosh - too funny!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Ha ha ha! Glad to know you didn't lick the tv, but made your point. :)