June 14, 2010

The Simple Ways they Melt My Heart

I've always believed the saying, "It's the simple things in life that matter most."

But lately I've been trying really hard to pay more attention to those simple things in life.

Today I noticed the little things that my boys do that bring a smile to my face, even if I'm not in a good mood......

How'd my little loves make me smile today???

Every day when I get home and go pick up the boys I always greet each of them with a big hug and kisses. Today, I gave my 5 year old a hug and he pulled back and just looked at me. Then he said, "Mommy, let me smell your hair." So leaned in and let him smell my hair. He gave me a big sniff and then looked at me and said, "Hmmm, it smells really nice!" LOL!! Thanks, honey!!

Later, I was standing in the kitchen at my mother's house and my 14 month old started yelling "BOO!!" He cracked up when I would pretend I was scared of him, it was so cute! I scooped him up and he kept yelling "BOO", so I started yelling back at him. He started laughing so hard that he would get confused and sometimes his "BOO" would be a combo laugh/boo. Then he'd shake his head, look at me and yell "BOO" again.

On the way home tonight, my 3 year old says to me, "Mommy, can you do this??" I looked in the mirror and he was making the 'I love you' sign. I said, "Yep, I love you." And he got this huge smile on his face and said, still making his sign, "I love you too, Mommy!"

My boys melt my heart each and every day!!