June 24, 2010

My Utter Impulsivity, Take 2

We all know that I can be impulsive. It's a bad habit that I can't break. I do and say things without ever thinking about the consequences or what I'd do next. Now, I know everybody can be impulsive at times. But lately, it's gotten really bad!!

Over the last couple weeks I've been going into work a few days a week to put in some summer hours while all the kids are on vacation. It's nice being able to go in and work without students. I have been very productive! However, when I go in during the summer I'm almost always the only person in the whole building. And just in case you're wondering, empty schools are freaky!!

On the last day of school all of our lockers were cleaned out and opened. And they're still open. All of them. Every single locker, empty and left open. And there I am all alone with them.

Every now and then I have to leave my office to go somewhere in the school, usually the copier.... and when that happens I have to walk by said lockers. This is not a good thing!!

See, every time I walk by those lockers I get this uncontrollable urge to run down the hall as fast as I can and slam all of the locker doors shut!! Wouldn't that be fun?!?! If I did it right, I could get the top row and the bottom row at the same time, in one swift move!! It's be sweet!

But there are cameras, and I'm afraid of getting caught. So I try to resist. But to be honest, I'm not sure how I'm going to make it all summer without shutting them all!!

By the way- I still sometimes get the urge to lick the TV. Only sometimes though. :)

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