August 05, 2009

Wordless Wednesday! {Flashback to Early 1940s}

A few years ago we came across some old pictures of our family. I recently was able to get ahold of the discs which held these priceless family treasures and just had to share them with you all! These are all pictures of my grandmother taken between 1940-1943.

1940 With Her Older Sister, Jane

1941 By the Barn

1942 New Puppies

1943 Professional Photo

1943 With Her Uncle


ItsKelly said...

Oh, I love these photographs! Kinda makes me want to go back to the '40s

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty awesome - I'm actually kind of impressed that you have so many photos of her!

DG said...

how sweet --it's such a surreal experience to discover old photographs and see loved ones such as grandparents in them.