August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- When My Husband Sleeps....

Stop Snoring Cartoon Pictures, Images and Photos
When my husband sleeps he snores so stinkin loud!! How loud you ask? This is what he sounds like.....
A Tug Boat
tug boat Pictures, Images and Photos
A Freight Train
train Pictures, Images and Photos
Someone sawing logs!
Sawing Logs Pictures, Images and Photos
This makes me wish I still had my cats!!
Snoring Pictures, Images and Photos
We've had this conversation!
snoring Pictures, Images and Photos
snoring Pictures, Images and Photos
And please, don't tell him I told you!


Jackie said...

LOL! Mine too!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I'm the snorer in our house, but nowhere near the sound of freight train! :)

Kacee said...

okay if he truely is as bad as you say he is check 2 things:
#1 does he have sleep apnia? my dad and granpa do and until they found out they had it (and found treatment for it) they snored so loud you could hear them through the whole house!
#2 does he need to sleep with an "orthodic"...this is an appliance you can have made at your dental office to help align the jaws...and it really does help with snoring! :)

good luck!

ItsKelly said...

haha! We've had the converstion in the second to last photo MANY times!

Kris said...

Thanks for participating in my little hop! I was testing a new feature out! I am so glad that I'm usually asleep before hubby so I don't have to hear his snoring lol.

Sandy said...

This is so funny...NOT! Seriously, have your husband speak to a doc about the possibility of sleep apnea. You'll all sleep better.

Kristin said...

That's rough. The ex was a hard core snorer. The hubs only snores when he's had one too many. ah ha

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Oh no! It sounds like you get no rest. That must be tough. Kacee is right though, he should get tested at a sleep center to correct the problem. Meantime, this post is hilarious!

p.s. thanks for stopping by and leaving congrats on my new little girl!
p.s.s I love your blog peaceful

Anonymous said...

how cute are those cartoons! thanks for stopping by my blog :) yours is so cute!


DG said...

hahha! snoring is never good...sometimes my younger sib snored and I would freak out because my sleep was greatly disrupted!