June 27, 2009

Do You Social Network?

For the longest time I refused to join any social networking sites. I thought they were only for middle school kids. But as time went on, and the site grew, so did the pressure from my college friends. They insisted I join so they could keep in touch and see my kids. I finally gave in and created a myspace page. I added all of my college sorority sisters who were all still single and childless and shared pics of my little man.

Over time I found people I had graduated with and met throughout the years and lots of my family joined as well. It was especially handy when my brother in law was in Iraq a couple years ago. Just this week I was looking over my "Friends List" and got to thinking. The girls I thought I'd be so close to from college are merely little thumbnails on an Internet site. I rarely talk to them, let alone see them. Though I can tell you what almost every one of them is up to right now.

It's also amazing to look at the girlfriends I've re-connected with and met all because of these social networking websites. Of course there are still people out there who just don't get it, no names mentioned, my husband. But I am so glad I'm online. Though I do wish I wasn't so addicted sometimes! Now after about 3 years I've joined myspace, facebook, cafemom, a few other mom sites that I rarely check, and most recently (as of yesterday) I gave in and started tweeting as well. I have to say, this is one of those things that I thought I'd never do, but am so glad I jumped on that bandwagon! Aren't you?

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