June 24, 2009

It Happened to Us! Our kids got locked in the car!

I've read stories and seen clips on the news of kids getting locked in a car. And I swore it would NEVER happen to my kids! Boy was I wrong! I got the biggest scare of my life two days ago when my hubby and I took the kids to visit my in-laws.

We all piled into the truck and drove to Grandmas. When we got there, my husband and I both got of the car, shutting our respective doors simultaneously. However, when I reached to open up the back door to get the baby out, it was locked!! I tried to open the door several times, like it would magically unlock if I pulled it enough times! Ha!

Then I started screaming at my husband... who had left the keys in the ignition!!! Ugh! The car was off, but the hubby has a habit of leaving the keys in the car, which I've told him 100s of times to stop doing. Did he listen? Of course not! So World War III began. We were both screaming at each other and I ran inside my mother in-laws house to call a lock smith while my mother in law and her father tried to get Jellybean (who was sitting by the door) to unlock the door.

Fortunately, Jellybean was able to unlock the door from the inside and they were only in the car for about 2 minutes. Though it seemed as though the whole ordeal lasted an hour. I was so mad and my husband and I haven't gotten into such a bad fight in I don't know how long (if ever)!

So please, learn for our mistake! NEVER have all of the door shut on your vehicle if there is a child inside. And if this is something that you practice on your own (as I do), don't let you guard down just because your husband's there (as I did). And just an FYI- a good friend of mine told me that any lock smith will let kids who are trapped in a car out for free. Good to know! :)


Debbie said...

It happened to me once too. It is terrifying. I'm glad your kids were OK.
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Shari@aPsychMommy said...

OMG, that must have been so scary! Glad everything worked out quickly, although I know 2 minutes can seem like forever in a situation like this!

Modern Mama Diana said...

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Oh my sounds terrifying. That would definitely make the blood pressure rise!Stopping by from SITS!

DG said...

omg I would be stressed out too... your kids seem capable and smart though and you should be proud that they were calm in this situation. glad everything worked out!