June 03, 2009

I Won my First Giveaway!!

Woohoo!! I'm so excited!! I've entered so many cool giveaways on other blogs over the last few months... but I've never won anything. It can be such a bummer. But, I finally won something! I entered a giveaway that Valerie was hosting on her blog It's A Wonderful Life to celebrate her 200th post! And I won a pair of earrings! Yes! I can't wait to get them!! :) Thanks again, Valerie! And be sure to go check her out!


Barely Domestic Mama said...

Congrats on winning your first giveaway!

P.S. The link to Valerie's blog isn't working because it has your link address in it,too.

Heather said...

Thanks Joanne!

It's working now!!!!!

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