June 25, 2009

I Need to Re-Focus

What is my problem? I just can't get motivated or stay focused, but I really do want to loose some of this extra weight that I put on while I was pregnant. When the Wii introduced the EA Sports Active game and I heard how great it was, I ran out and bought it. And I did really good the first week. But I kept flip flopping with the level of intensity I wanted to do, and eventually I just stopped working out. Then I said I was going to start walking.... yeah right! That hasn't happened! The only walking I do is a leisurely stroll through the mall about once a week! But the worst? My eating habits! Last week I made some lovely home-made peanut butter eggs. Don't they just scream "eat me"!?!?! And I can't curb my ice cream addiction... but that's NOT my fault! (I'll explain that another day). Ugh! I need to stop sabotaging myself... Maybe now that I've written down how badly I've done for the rest of the world to see I'll start doing something for myself!! Like not making anymore of those yummy peanut butter eggs for awhile! Wish me luck!!


SugarandSpice said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have 2 girls so I don't know what I would do with 3 boys!!! I know what you mean about the extra weight. I have put on about 30 pounds in the last year. Yes I said 30, and I just can't seem to make it happen, so good luck! It can be really hard finding the motovation, but I think reading this has helped remind me of how badly I need to get off my dead butt! Thanks.


PetalsYoga said...

Okay, that totally backfired on me. Now I'M CRAVING THOSE! I've put on 30 pounds too in the last year. Maybe we should form a support group?

Glad to have found you,


Megan said...

They do look very yummy.