June 19, 2009

Nothing's Sacred When You're A Mom!

Apparently when you become a mother you simultaneously give up the right to pee without an all out audience!! Or so it seemed the other day. I swear nothing is sacred anymore! I sat the baby down in his bouncer in the bathroom, just so I knew where is was and could make sure that my 2 year old wasn't rubbing ketchup all over his face. :)

Anyway... I guess I forgot to lock the door. My butt no longer and touched the toilet and in came Little Man, barging right into the bathroom, yelling! What was he yelling about? He was informing that Jellybean was in the other bathroom unrolling all of the toilet paper. Great! Not 5 seconds later, in comes Jellybean to defend himself. You know, I love my boys. I really do. But there are times during the day that I wish I was all alone. Just for 30 seconds!! I guess I need to start remembering to lock the bathroom door!

BTW- Just in case you're wondering... Jellybean had unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper. How he did it so quickly, I still have yet to figure out. But if anyone hears of any contests that reward toilet paper unrolling skills, let me know! He's being entered!!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Funny...I remember those days! It gets better when they're past the age of 5, lol.