June 03, 2009

What Would You Do?

If you saw kittens in a storm drain?? I hate to admit it, but I think I'd feel really sorry for them and then walk away. Well, I might try calling the SPCA, but that would be about it for me. However... not all people are as cruel as me. My husband's grandfather, for example.

He works as a crossing guard and noticed 3 small kittens in a storm drain a few weeks ago at his post. He's been watching them ever since and had tried to call the SPCA and had no luck. He then called a local radio station and got some attention to the kittens. Well, earlier today while he showed up to his post and some county workers had some and removed the storm drain to try and rescue the kittens, but weren't having any luck. Then a few firefighters stopped by, but couldn't do anything.

Well, just before he left a lady who had heard about the kittens on the radio showed up to help and the two of them rescued them with a net! Apparently it was quite the ordeal trying to get them, especially when they tried to escape, which one did, until he was caught again! Now, my hubby's grandfather is stuck with the cats until he finds a home for them. The SPCA told him they'd be put to sleep today if he left them there because they had too many cats. So he brought them home!!

Aren't they cute?!


Barely Domestic Mama said...

I love the kittens! Especially the all black one! Too cute! If I wasn't so annoyed with our orange and white cat that lost his mind while we were gone and is acting all sorts of crazy...I would take in the little black one.

Valerie said...

Heather come see what I have for you!

DG said...

that is so sweet! I may have done the same thing as you...called someone but wow your husband's grandfather - bless his heart! :)