June 20, 2009

I Am Boycotting Dick's!!!

After the experience I had today, I've decided that I'm boycotting Dick's (the sporting goods store that is... get your head out of the gutter!!). Now I know I shouldn't have waited until the day before Father's Day to finish my shopping, but I like to wait until the last minute. It makes me move faster! :)

Anyway... I stopped by Dick's today to pick up some golf balls for my hubby and a gift card for my father in law. I pulled into the parking lot, unbuckled the two older boys, then walked around and grabbed the baby, then walked back around the car to get the boys out of the car and we walked inside, piled into a shopping cart and went searching for golf balls.

Once I had wasted 15 minutes pondering how much I should spend and why on earth some of the little balls were $40 for 6 balls, I picked up 2 packs that were on sale and went to the register. I stood in line for a few minutes with 3 very impatient children, when a 3rd register finally opened I scooted to the next line.

When it was finally my turn I sat the golf balls on the counter and told the male cashier who looked to be in his mid-late 20s that I also needed a gift card. He looked at me (with my 3 children) and said "I hate to make you do this, but I need you to go over and get a gift card off the rack on the other register."

What? Is he serious? I just stood there for a second, then I looked behind me... in that tiny little isle 10 other customers were now filed in behind me, waiting. I looked at my kids, then back at the line, then over at the other register. He's not really going to make me drag these kids over there, right? Then he says, "See them? There under the orange sign?" All I could think was, he's seriously going to make me go and get a gift card! Jerk!!

So I take one last look at my kids, as I'm considering leaving them there in the line.... then I look behind me once again at all the people standing there, blocking my path to the dreaded gift cards. Finally I start backing up the cart with all 3 boys saying "excuse me" with every step I take. I had to go back out of line, go through the next line and then ask a lady that was standing in the first line to hand me a gift card because I couldn't get to them. I was so embarrassed. Then I had to maneuver the cart and the kids back through that line and around all the people standing there waiting in my line.

I was so mad. People were starring at me and were clearly annoyed. I was so mad I could feel my face turn bright red and I felt as though the temperature in the store rose 25degrees. I could feel myself starting to sweat and I was fighting back tears I was so angry!! I just wanted to scream at the jerk!!

I just have 2 questions: 1) Why on earth wouldn't they have gift cards at every register? And 2) What was he thinking sending me over to get one? Doesn't he get paid to provide customer service? Wouldn't it have been easier for him to scoot around the front of his register and go grab one? (Ok, I know, that ended up being 4 questions... but 2 points!). Ugh! I'm still so mad!! I'm sorry, maybe I'm over reacting. I don't know, but I'm still furious and I'm not going back to Dick's!


Janelle said...

No, you are not over-reacting. That is completely ridiculous, and if I received that level of "service," I would not go back, either! I love how you hear that stores are HAVING to increase customer service due to "this economy" and then you have issues like that! Lazy employees like that one need to be fired and replaced with someone who wants and needs a job!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

You are not over-reacting. I would tell Dick's about their lazy cashier. I mean seriously to ask you to get out of the line to get the gift card?! What kind of customer service is that?! They need to know how their employees are doing, so I would write in a letter to corporate. Don't worry it won't get the employee fired, but it might get him to open his eyes and be a little more service oriented.