June 07, 2009

I Just Wanted to Hide!

I love my boys more than anything else in the world. But there are days that I just want to run and hide from them! Ok, maybe not whole days, but moments in the middle of a hectic day, like when all three of them are crying at the same time!

The other evening I was attempting to make dinner (which if you know me you'll know it was just an attempt), and it turned into one big cry fest!! It started out ok. Bear was sitting in his little chair watching the lights, Little Man was sitting on the couch playing a game, and Jellybean was on the couch napping.

A few minutes into my dinner making (if that's what you can consider a boxed pizza kit), Bear started to get a little restless and well, whiny. The next thing I know, while my hands are covered in oil and pizza dough, Little Man decides to wake up his sleeping little brother.

How did he wake his brother up you might ask?? By licking him on the head!!!! I'm not kidding either! Jellybean was so mad! And understandably so. So he was crying and wanted to be held, but remember, I was covered in pizza dough... So, I told Little Man to sit down for a time out and he started a hysterical crying fit!!

So here's a little re-cap of my life at this moment: Bear is now screaming in his chair from being ignored and all the noise around him, Jellybean is crying at my legs, begging to be picked up, and Little Man is in the next room throwing a royal fit and screaming because he apparently thinks it's ok to lick your brother.

And at that moment in time all I wanted to do was run and hide in my closet. Except my closet has no locks on it. I'm considering buying some big padlocks for my closet, and a good set of earplugs. Or maybe a cute little lock like this one that will match my pink walls! That way the next time my little rascals go crazy I'll have a place to sit quietly and pretend that my life isn't so crazy! :)


Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi Heather,
I just noticed you signed up for my blog...YAY!

I completely understand the wanting to run away at times. Being a mom is such a challenge sometimes. We share the same dislike of cooking too:)

Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

Heather I found you from Valerie's! Welcome SITSa!! I hear you on those days...you want to just hide. I found that taking some deep breaths and laughing at the fact your baby licked his little brother is so awesome and sweet...even though he did wake him up. I have found that laughter is the best cure for sanity when you are on the verge of insanity!!

Sending you lots of mommy love!!

Amanda said...

I would have run to the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the bath to muffle everything LOL jk, if only it were easy!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Poor little Jellybean! Bear should realize this is his future! :)