July 13, 2009

Day 1- Body After Baby!

Ok, so today was the first official day of the Body After Baby: Fit by Labor Day, 8 week challenge. I have to say I think I did ok. I didn't do as bad as I could have.... I mean, I did resist the delicious white birthday cake with vanilla frosting....mmmmm..... my favorite!! Oh no, I just realized something... my birthday is during this challenge! Great! So much for that week!

Anyway... I did good with my diet. The worst thing I ate today was a few marshmallows. And that's pretty good for me! :) Though I didn't get any real exercise in today. I walked around the mall a little bit with another mom, but it wasn't really exercise. Oh well.

Tomorrow I am going to save the world!! Or at least work out a little bit!! I'm going to have to start my 30 day challenge on my EA Sports Active over since it's been 30 days since I've stopped! Shhh! Don't tell my "trainer"! Good luck to all the other ladies (and 2 men) who have joined me in the quest to regain our bodies after baby!!!!

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