July 10, 2009

A quick Thank You

I just wanted to post a quick 'Thank You' to all my readers who are still following me and to the ones that stop by my blog to let me know that they're really out there. It's so nice to know that someone actually reads what I write! Who would've thought?!

I also wanted to thank a few fabulous ladies that I've recently won things from and just haven't gotten a chance to post a proper 'thanks'!

Ashley over at Swoon gave away some great kids CDs and a DVD that the boys and I won, and LOVE!

Joanne, from Barely Domestic Mama hosted a wonderful Tastefully Simple party that I am SOOOOO glad I joined! I won some lovely TS desserts! I can't wait to get to try all these yummy new foods! Though I'm not sure my waistline will appreciate it! :)

And Cindy, over at Chalk it Up! just had a giveaway for a beautiful chalkboard and adorable handpainted chalk case! We can't wait to receive this one!!

Make sure you stop by each of these ladies' blogs. Each of them is very different and wonderful!! Thanks again!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, you need to rub off on me I don't have much luck at giveaways!