July 11, 2009

They Grow up so Fast!

Baby Bear out grew his newborn clothes almost immediately. And he outgrew all of his 3 month clothes a few weeks ago, but I just stand to pack them up. He's gotten so big, so fast! Now don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier to have a perfectly healthy and happy baby. But even though he's my 3rd, I had already forgotten how little they are and for such a short time.

So last night I finally packed up all of his tiny little onesies. The adorable little baby hats, most of which he never wore. The outfits that had been passed down from one child to the next. I carefully refolded each piece and placed them in a big plastic tub.

And it hit me as I folded up the little pieces of clothing, the next time I pull these clothes out will likely be to pass them along to someone else to use for their little boy. I actually cried as I packed them up. Pathetic? Probably. Do I care? Nope. Since my hubby doesn't want anymore, and I really can't blame him... 3 kids is a lot of work, but it was so sad to think I'll never have another one so little in my house again.

This morning I woke up to little Bear looking right at me, smiling, this sweet little smile that just melts your heart. And about a half hour later Little Man woke up and came to join us in bed. We laid and talked for awhile, Little Man spelled his name and counted to 100! Geez! He's really grown up!

I need to remember to stop and enjoy every day with my boys because they really do grow up so fast!

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Shop with Me Mama said...

AWWWWWW! I know, we are trying for our third and final next year! It made me sad reading your post! :( You have three beautiful healthy babies to focus on though! HUGS!