July 24, 2009

MasterLock's New Locks and $5000 prize!

I remember when I was in high school always having to go and get a lock for my locker. I would search through the racks for a lock that wasn't black. Then I'd go home and write my combination (which was always pre-set) into several different places because I knew I would forget my combination more than once. I always did.

Now Master Lock has created a new set of locks in bright colors which can be set with your own combination!! How cool is that?! Even if you don't have a kid with a locker, these are great for all sorts of things around your house, like your shed or in my case, the suitcase hiding the kids' (and hubby's) Christmas gifts. Shhh.... don't him they're in there! I wish these cool locks would have been around when I was in school! And they're inexpensive, at just $6-7 at huge national retail stores, such as Staples and Home Depot!! To get more information on these locks visit Master Lock!

Oh wait! That's not the best part! Master Lock has also launched a new facebook application and is giving away $5000!! This would be so great to win!! Head on over to facebook to play for a cash prize from Master Lock!!

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Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is cool! I still have nightmares about forgetting my combination and going to the wrong locker in high school (and I graduated many years ago). Weird, I know (I wonder what it means?)

I mailed out your chalkboard yesterday priority mail. You should be getting it in a day or two. Sorry it took me so long.

Have a great day!