July 03, 2009

Five For Friday! {When You're the Mom of a Baby}

Here are 5 indicators that you're a mom of a new baby:

1.) You're up several times in the middle of the night because someone other than yourself is hungry or has soiled their pants (Bonus points if they soiled on you).

2.) The attention you got over the last 9 months is completely replaced, and you start to wonder if your visitors even remember you exist.

3.) The last shopping spree you went on included diapers and baby clothes and most likely nothing for yourself (ok, maybe some deodorant).

4.) Your camera which once contained pictures of you partying with your girlfriends is now full of pictures of a chubby little bald person.

5.)You've rinsed your hair out in the sink because someone threw up their last meal in it. (Bonus points if you've done this in a public sink!)

1 comment:

Lani said...

Stopping by from SITS.. good list- so true!